Application Policies


In the event that more students have enrolled in the school than there are spots available by the deadline established by the organization, a lottery will be held to determine student acceptance and wait list order. The following students will be given a priority in the admission a process under State law:

  • Students who were enrolled with the organization the year before.
  • Students whose parents are staff members with the organization.
  • Students whose parents are on the Board of Directors of the organization.
  • Students who have siblings enrolled with the organization.

In the event that there are more students that are to be automatically accepted than there are spots available, a lottery will be held as described below. The lottery will create a primary list of students and the initial waiting list from the students who have applied. Once the deadline has passed, all students will be assigned a lottery number based on time and date of registration except for those that have a priority as set forth above. Numbers will be randomly chosen to decide which students will be accepted into the school by openings in each class offered. All students will be ranked based on these random numbers. All students who are granted acceptance will be notified and asked to respond whether they will be attending. If not, the next student on the list will be granted that position until the entire list has been accepted. If there are still openings, the spots will be awarded on a first come first serve basis.