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Student Course Selection Reference Guide


VCS Student Course Selection Grades 6-8

Middle School Program

Electives requests will be taken into consideration; however elective classes are not guaranteed and are based on class size, course availability, and number of course requests.

Scholars may be placed in intensive reading and/or intensive math class(es) in place of electives due to state and district guidelines.

VCS Student Course Selection Grades 9-12

Please use this reference guide as a tool to understand the courses available for selection for students going into 9th – 12th grade for the 2020-2021 school year.

Please read through the course catalog as well as the back of this sheet before making your selection. You must choose one of the following career academies. Please note that if you are recommended for enrollment in the Dual Language Academy, this will be in lieu of the career academy selected below.

  1. The Academy of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Hospitality
  2. The Academy of Sports Science and Management
  3. The Academy of Scientific Inquiry and Medicine